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My granddaughter Xenia and I made first step forward to reach our goal and help others! This is a link of our Radio Show with Lizy Tri! Thank you for listening.


Interview for Lizy Tri radio:

 1) Can you tell us about you


I am a personal assistant of two lads with learning difficulties. . I have worked at the same place for 9 years with my other colleges Mark Jink and Jay Patel. Our team-Nina, Mark and Jay are good friends, have similar sense of humour and always help each other. We have come from different cultural, ethnical and economical background.

I am a very happy person I like jokes and humor. I’m easy going and like to mix and communicate with people of different nationalities, age groups and abilities.   I love my job, supporting the two lads, as it allows me to put all my previously gained skills to good use.

I love my husband David and all our children, grandchildren, friends and relatives. I love all my family and friends and love to make them happy and to see their smiling faces!


I am a student at a high school in Staffordshire I have many friends who I like to spend my time with even if it gets complicated at times. My family has been a big support through everything I’ve been through and we have a cat called pebbles. She became part of the family almost 4 years ago and it’s been a pleasure to have her around when I’m upset. I am not a perfect human being, but nobody is really but my 13 years of living have certainly been a blessing. Ever since a was a young girl I’ve enjoys writing different stories. And when my Nan offered for me to write and publish the book a knew I couldn’t pass the opportunity and ever since that day I’ve been writing short stories for my book and I plan to continue writing stories. I also like to spend lots of time with my sister. Recently I taught her how to play hide and seek and now we play it almost every day together.

2) What made you come up with the idea for your books.


In 2013 I met Galina Hartshorn, who had just come back from Canada. Whilst there she learnt about human potential and personal growth from Bob Proctor. Since then I have attended her seminars which have changed my life. I have received so much inspiration and support from Galina. She believed in me more than I believed in myself.

Working with the disabled lads, and my experience in helping to look after one of my other granddaughters, Leeza, who has Down’s syndrome, gave me the idea to organize some kind of project. It all began last Year, when our team  Mark and Jay and I were looking through our records and calendar references of Ben and Andy (the lads.) Then  I started to write short comedy stories based on different situations that happened with the two lads, and their three carers, with adult humour attached.

I knew my granddaughter enjoys writing so I offered her the opportunity of a life time.

I called my project “Perfect Difference 5”, and the title of my book is “Adventures of Perfect Difference 5”. The idea of this book is to make the reader happy, to encourage you to smile, to laugh, and to accept each other as we are, with all our differences and imperfections.

2a) Do you and your Granddaughter work well together?


The simple answer is yes. My Nan and I have a special bond and this bond has grown since we started to write the books. When we used to take Bessy (our family dog) for a walk my Nan and I would make up stories. And we would laugh and joke and when I got home I would remember our time and would write the story.

3) Who inspires you?


When my Nan offered me to be part of her project I immediately thought of my sister and how I could write it for her. Spending time with her helps me to understand how she feels. I can’t really separate the two because 1 led to another. Having fun with my Nan led me to writing the stories for my sister. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to understand Leeza but spending time with her helps me and her to develop a relationship. Most of the time my sister is very happy but sometimes when she gets confused, she starts shouting. And without the knowledge it is difficult to calm her down. But I’m always there for her and she stops and becomes happy again

4) How can some one benefit from what you offer.


Our books are a delightfully entertaining.  “Life on Planet Parklands” also aims to inspire young children to write, read and be mindful of each other’s uniqueness.


Our books are part of the project to raise society’s awareness of people with learning difficulties. I have set up a page on face book Perfect Difference5, where people can share their ideas and post stories and experiences. Not only that but both, my granddaughter Xenia and I have created a website with help of our good friend David Botley.



I am a member of the Down Syndrome association, a registered charity. Also lung foundation. However with your help, dear listeners, we can support these charities even more then we are able to now

5) What advice would you give to someone who is starting their own book idea or needs to move forward.


If you have an idea, go for it. Believe in yourself and succeed Don’t think about the problems think about the future and work on it, don’t give up!

6) How they the listeners get in contact with you give us your info websites, social media and or number e-mail.


This is a great gift, especially for the upcoming events like Christmas. We wrote this amazing books for young adults and kids to explore. Please consider taking a look. They are great books and adventures for children. One of my nan’s colleges Mark Jink illustrated our books.

Our books “Adventures of Perfect Difference 5” and “Life on Planet Parklands” are published by Xlibris Publishing and are available on soft back and eBooks from:

The listeners can get in contact with us: by

By phone at 08000563182

We support Down Syndrome Associations UK…   and Lung Foundation – Author Xenia Brettell – Author Nina Edwards

Mark Jinks who is one of the other carers also illustrated our books.

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We support Down Syndrome Associations UK and Lung Foundation

Order information online at
Or visit your local bookstore.
By phone at 08000563182

Please, visit our web sites. We wait for your comments! – Author Xenia Brettell – Author Nina Edwards

Mark Jinks who is one of the other carers also illustrated our books

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